On 29 hectare Domaine des Malandes is a family business that has the privilege to associate craft tradition of winemakers with the best modern equipment. The result is found in wines of high quality rewarded regularly in national and international competitions for years. The location and monitoring crop IPM plots, and the extreme care taken in wine, contribute significantly to the finesse of our wines and their very typical expression of terroir. All our windfalls can be enjoyed with seafood, as an aperitif, with grilled fish, poached or baked, also a poultry farmer, a good pot or roast veal.

From an old family vineyard vineyards of Chablis, the TREMBLAY, I myself operator of my vineyard since 1972. Today I run the Domaine des Malandes with technical assistance Guénolé Breteaudeau young winemaker arrived on the field in 2006.

Our typical Wines

 Both in the vineyards at the level of wine, our approach is to be very environmentally friendly, and demanding vis-à-vis the quality and typicity of wines. Our wines are appreciated for their freshness, finesse and minerality directly from the famous Kimmeridgian subsoil only the vineyards of Chablis.


The vineyard and winemaking

Domaine des Malandes is first the land must be expressed. Chablis was blessed with a unique terroir, "Kimmeridgian", which gives it its minerality and liveliness. Thus, throughout the growing season, the Estate of Malandes control the foliage and fruit of the vine, and effectively led the rational control. Upon arrival, the harvested grapes matured and optimum quality. In the cellar, great care is taken to winemaking. Interventions winemaker Guénolé Breteaudeau, do not score wines but instead leave them the opportunity to assert their character.

The rewards of a passionate work

Domaine des Malandes sells 90% of its production for export, and is regularly awarded in national and international competitions.

Lyne Marchive.