Wine making

The time when grapes are harvested is the most important time of the year: grapes must reach optimal maturity and not show any sign of decay. Each vineyard will reach maturity at different times. A precise sampling method is used to check maturity levels. 

The quality of the wine mostly comes from the quality of the grapes: the different tasks that are performed throughout the year in vineyards will determine the grapes’ sanitary condition, yield, juice concentration and the presence of mineral contents necessary to fermentation.

During the vinification process our objective is to allow each terroir to fully express its own characteristics. Depending on the terroirs the wines are either transferred to stainless steel tanks or French oak barrels for the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. Our oak barrels contain 228L of wine and are between 1 and 7 years old. We also have a few puncheons (500L oak barrels). With the use of oak barrels we are able to bring roundness and “silkyness” to some of our Premier Crus and Grand Crus.